evaluation of wind measurements

Almost every wind study is based upon on-site wind measurements. AL-PRO can attend the deployment of your met tower, LIDAR System, or combination of both to ensure that the instrumentation and data loggers are configured to comply with existing technical guidelines. If the data collection meets existing standards, then the final analysis will meet all your investor and banking requirements. Nothing could be worse than losing several months of project development time due to a faulty instrument set-up!

We evaluate your measure-ment data using existing standards and prepare them for the use in our model systems. A decisive point in the processing process is the long term correlation. While on-site measurement data usually is collected for a comparatively short period of time, an understanding of the long term wind regime is critical to completing a wind and yield study. Usually this is achieved by projecting the data over the desired long term period using an adjacent long term data source and using Measure Correlate and Predict (MCP) methods.

AL-PRO developed a procedure that clearly outperforms common linear MCP approaches and typically leads to a far higher precision of the long term projection. The core methodology is based on neural computer networks that are able to recognize complex and non-linear relations between the datasets. In addition, up to four long term data sources can be used for the projection simultaneously.

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