GWS® - Global Windmapping Service


GWS® provides an overview of the regional and local wind situation und facilitates making informed decisions on wind energy relevant topics.

GWS® MESO provides regional wind resource maps at a grid resolution of 2 x 2 km. The maps are computed using a mesoscale model.

GWS® MICRO provides localized wind resource mapping at a grid resolution of 200 x 200 m for areas up to 30 x 30 km. The maps are based on the GWS® MESO results and refined using a microscale, 3D CFD flow model.

GWS® wind map products show the wind resources at 60 and 120 m a.g.l. (wind resources at 50 – 150 m can also be computed).

By request, GWS® MICRO models can also be computed for whole federal states or regions and provided in digital form (e.g. ESRI shapefiles).

GWS® wind map products are available for most of the world in hard copy and/or digital form.

The digital GWS®-product:

  • Mean annual wind velocity maps and values

  • Wind power density maps and values (MICRO)

  • Wind and energy roses

  • Wind velocity and energy distribution diagrams

GWS® offers wind resource data at an affordable price – bulk orders are eligible for discounts up to 15%.
Thus, GWS® provides a cost effective strategic approach to developing wind energy.

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An inexpensive source of wind data if you focus on selected locations.
GWS® MICRO windmapping model inputs can be reused for further AL-PRO certified or accredited wind reports thus reducing the time and cost of final wind reports.
GWS® WINDNODE und WINDDATA provides direct access to information of individual rastercells of the GWS database.
GWS® WINDNODE provides sectorwise mean annual wind velocity and wind power density values, Weibull parameters, wind velocity and wind power density distributions in form of a digital pdf report.
GWS® DATA provides digital meso-scale input data for wind flow simulations, using standard formats.



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