met tower wind measurements

AL-PRO now offers a complete met tower installation, monitoring and maintenance service for the North American market:

  • Guyed tubular towers to 60m

  • Guyed lattice towers at 80 and 100m

  • Various sensors, data logger and communication packages

  • Complete tower installation and commissioning service

  • Daily, weekly and monthly data monitoring services

  • Tower maintenance

  • Tower decommissioning

With hub heights reaching 100 m and more, proper wind profiling and measurement is a crucial first step in developing a wind farm to ensure the final wind resource assessment meets your and more importantly, your debt financer's requirements. A well planned and managed wind measurement campaign will minimize surprises and ensure your project moves forward on schedule. You can now leverage our extensive experience by teaming up with AL-PRO when you start your project by having us look after your measurement campaign.

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