wind data analyses

Expert and timely wind reports as well as yield analyses for your specific turbine model and tower configuration are our main fields of activity.

An on-site consultation is required to obtain an understanding of the site and the variables that need to be considered during the analysis.

We have the best model systems available for any type of site – relatively simple, flat terrain to highly complex mountain conditions. We rely on a combination of proven standard software systems and our customized, in-house software developments. Each system, simple linear models to complex CFD simulations, provide specific advantages. We do not favor one methodology, but choose the best approach based on our extensive experience, to model your particular site.

With the GWS® Database, AL-PRO has exclusive access to a global reservoir of wind data. In addition to being used to create GWS® wind maps, it also can be used for developing wind reports.

To determine long term representative wind conditions we do not rely on one long term data source. AL-PRO’s software tools are able to combine a variety of different long term data and to weight their impact according to their relevance for your site.
We include a detailed uncertainty analysis in our reports.
This gives you a realistic estima-tion of chances and risks to consider when developing your wind energy project..

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